EENI Global Business School – India

Established in 1995 in Barcelona (Spain) with over 4,000 students worldwide.
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Address: 1110 Nuuanu Ave, #a1-171, Honolulu, HI 96817

International Accreditation

U-EENI (Global Network Ahimsa University) is a Higher Education Global Network (Online Bachelor of Science, Master's and Professional Doctorates) at a distance learning, focused exclusively on international business and foreign trade, whose origins go back to 1995 (EENI- Business School) with headquarters in Tarragona (Spain)

EENI is a certified member of the International Commission on Distance Learning (ECOSOC United Nations).

EENI is a collaborator member of the Tripartite Foundation for On-the-job Training – European Social Fund.

EENI Global Business School is a member of the Spanish Association of Business Schools

  1. 1995: Foundation of Reingex: educational software of Foreign Trade.
  2. 2002: EENI School of Business – Spanish School of International Business
  3. 2012: Strategic decision to evolve to specialised University in International Business
  4. 2016: Creation of the Higher Education Global Network (U-EENI): U-EENI (Global Business School & University) (Global Network Ahimsa University)
  5. 2017-20: Creation of regional universities in AfricaAmerica and Asia
  6. Long-term Commitment of the promoters: Non-profit University.

Private Industry Partnerships

The final fee of the training programme will be agreed between the parties, depending on the roles, and contents contributed by each part. The educational institution that is interested in offering this type of training should sign a cooperation agreement with EENI.

Educational Institution:

  1. Manage the local promotion of the courses/masters and selection of students
  2. Management of enrolments and payment of educational fees
  3. Management of students
  4. Assign a local coordinator – Director of training programme
  5. Control training quality
  6. Provide professors and organisation for complementary classroom
  7. Participation in thesis evaluation (in master)
  8. Management of Internships

EENI Global Business School:

  1. Provide the contents of the training programs in a digital format
  2. Implementation of the e-learning platform (e-campus)
  3. Provide online professors
  4. Support to the professors of the Institution
  5. Control training quality
  6. Promote the training programme at their websites and their usual promotional channels